Our Monthly Design Winners

Welcome to our weekly design awards for the best company websites. Here you can browse some of the best business sites for inspiration, nominate your site for a mention, and you can also order a similar site (at a much lower price)!

Some recent top business websites, for elegantly solving their client’s particular communication needs:

April – Mimrise

Mimrise is a website that helps people to learn languages and other information, using pictures and a game-like interface to keep viewers hooked. As such, a clear, easy to read interface is vital. There is lots that any company can learn from their minimal and stylish approach.

May – Cappuccino

If you run a complex software company that does something that very few regular people understand – not confusing clients is going to be one of your major concerns. That is one reason why Cappuccino.org is such a success – it uses simple and appealing colors, illustration, and text to make using their products as easy as ordering a hot, tasty coffee.

June – Postbox

Postbox changes their website design each year or so, but it is consistently well designed. It is clear to read, uncluttered, persuasive – and uses playful, old-fashioned letter graphics to present a friendlier type of email.

July – GE

Sometimes the biggest companies are a great place to look for good website design – even if your company has a decidedly lower budget! GE has used its big resources to hire great designers, to bring a clean, professional, modern and simple interface for an otherwise overwhelming range of corporate interests. The great thing about good web design is no one need know if your company is big or small.

August – Go Glamping

Glamping is luxury camping, so what could be a better way to communicate your company’s dedication to easy, stress free, and fun access to the outdoors? Wood effects, a fun and appealing outdoorsy illustration, and a logical layout all help to make GoGlamping.net a worthy winner in our weekly website roundup.

September -Simplecart

Skeuomorphic design – where fake textures like leather, or handmade paper, are used in a website – can easily turn out badly. Oftentimes, such ‘faux’ textures can become dated far quicker than other elements on a website, and are subject to fashion. Used sparingly however – like this great commerce website design for Simplecart – they can add an inviting, familiar context for the selling of products and services.

October – RBS

The Royal Bank of Scotland – which primarily exists to keep its customers’ money safe – understandably wants to communicate conservatism and reliability through their website. Great website design means not having to compromise other important qualities, however. Through a great central image (and if you have one main image, please make it a good one), and subtle use of colors and tones, this is an organization website that manages to add modernity and excitement into an otherwise conventional design.

More great websites soon!